Stock №: VME01211

Four-wheel drive
A new model!
Individual tuning!
High-quality finish/trim!
3D SMART 42-inch TV built in the partition with lifting and lowering mechanism
Full control capability through IPAD, IPHONE, ANDROID
Luxury/exclusive/special leather
Some elements of the interior are made of varnished wood
The ceiling and walls are finished in Alcantara material
Electrical rear sofa with heated seats
Surround Sound Speaker System Dolby Digital 5.1
Blu-Ray player
Internet access
The integral electrical drive coffee machine "Nespresso"
Bar/mini-bar with illumination
2 pull-out electrical drive tables
Multi-level illumination system
PlayStation 4
Foreground and reverse cameras
Intercom ( connecting the driver with VIP passenger compartment)
Built-in safe
Additional soundproof of the car
Driver’s cabin trim
Additional passenger compartment air conditioner
Additional independent heater
VIP passenger compartment climate control system

Exterior color White
Engine 5,3 l/petrol
Power 314 hp
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type AWD